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about usAdvance Oral is a dedicated in-home oral care service which has been successfully servicing Aged Care Facilities in the Sydney region for over 20 years.

The need for affordable and accessible dental services among Sydney’s population in Aged Care Facilities is well documented and Advance Oral is committed to meeting that need.

Since 1999, Advance Oral has provided quality dental care to residents of aged care facilities, using state of the art, portable, professional dental equipment that can even accommodate patients confined to a bed or wheelchair.

Advance Oral provides a denture service on a house call basis, including partial and complete denture repairs, cleanings, exams and replacement dentures.

We offer a dental assessment program, to screen residents for oral disease and ill fitting dentures. As part of this program, a denture,hearing aid and spectacle labelling service is offered.

We offer education talks to staff, with accompanying participation certificate.

Referrals to other dental professionals are an integral part of these assessments.

Updating or establishment of centre based dental progress notes for each resident.

Our staff has experience in the field of geriatric dentistry. Advance Oral’s team of caregivers includes dedicated Dental Prosthetists, Dental Technicians and caring office staff.

The Dental Care team will work closely with the treating physician as well as the patient and guardian to devise a responsible dental care plan. Advance Oral understands that the best decisions are made by considering not only a patient's oral health but also medical health, mental state and finances.

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