In-Home Services


The two most often asked questions regarding our in-home service are:

1.   Q.    Does our in-home denture service cost more than visiting a clinic?


Because Advance Oral is a dedicated in-home service provider, we actually charge less than the schedule fee recommended by the Dental Prosthetists Association for maintenance items such as repairs and relines.

2.   Q.    Is our in-home denture service as good as a clinic visit?

A.    YES! .... EVEN BETTER!

When an Advance Oral trained professional visits the home, they bring with them equipment similar to that used in the most modern diagnostic design clinics.

Unlike a clinic which relies on the patient to revisit for fittings and adjustments, an Advance Oral Prosthetist will revisit the home at no extra cost to ensure the fit is correct for a period of 1 month.

This method provides a major breakthrough in patient care in that it minimises problems due to lack of follow up consultations.
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