Educational Talks

educational talksRobert Gunns, Head Clinician for Advance Oral, Australia’s largest and most highly regarded in-home Denture Care Service, will attend your centre for a 30 minute staff only presentation. Subjects to be covered in the talk will include:
  • An explanation on the role of a Dental Prosthetist.
  • An explanation of the role of plaque and common oral diseases.
  • Techniques on how to effectively administer Oral Hygiene.
  • Demonstrations to staff on correct dental care procedures including:
  • 1.Identifying residents with denture problems
    2.Correct procedure for rectification
    3.General oral hygiene
    4.Correct cleaning techniques
  • An explanation on how specialist in-home prosthetic services differ from traditional clinics.
  • A full explanation of the services your centre can expect from Advance Oral including:
  • 1.Carers Information Talks
    2.Comprehensive regularly updated Information Folders
    3.Denture Identification Program
    4.Dental Assessment Program
  • A carer question time at the close of the talk.
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