Denture Repairs

denture repairsWhen dentures are damaged it is important to keep all the broken pieces, to assist with a speedy repair.  Under no circumstances should glueing be attempted as it will not be successful and could in fact cause further damage.

Advance Oral have a priority service for broken dentures and contact should be made as soon as possible.

Missing dentures can be a cause of severe embarrassment, it is best to try to underplay the loss.

Arrange for Advance Oral to carry out a priority fitting as the missing dentures may never turn up.  If left too long without dentures, it may be difficult to adjust to a new set.

It is often helpful to make a comment to the effect that if the missing dentures do turn up then a good spare will always be available.

Advance Oral can carry out specialised labelling of dentures for a nominal fee and recommends this service for all existing and replacement dentures.
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